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Computer Courses

Microsoft Training Courses

Microsoft Office Application Courses:
  • Introduction to IT.
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Microsoft Access.
  • Microsoft Outlook.

Computer Course
( For Beginners )

The course includes :

Windows, Word, Excel, Internet and Email .

(24 Hours), ( 5 Weeks), ( 1200 Dhs ) .

Comprehensive Computer Course
دورة الكمبيوتر الشاملة

The course includes :

Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Outlook and Internet .

(60 Hours), ( 10 Weeks) .

Cambridge International Diploma In IT Skills
دبلوم كامبريدج الدولي في تقنية المعلومات

Our Center is acredited from
Cambridge University
as a training and exam center.
مــركـــزمعـــتــمــــد مـــــــن
جـــــامـعـــة كـامــــبريـــدج
للــتــــدريـــب والإمـتـــــحــان
The Diploma is designed for students, employees and trainees who wish to develop their applied IT skills and those who wish to receive appreciation for basic IT capability they may already acquire such as using word processing programs, managing files and internet skills.
Cambridge Diploma 7 Modules:
  1. Introduction to IT
  2. Using the computer and managing files .
  3. Word processing.
  4. Spreadsheets.
  5. Presentations.
  6. Databases.
  7. Electronic Communicaiton.

Computer Maintenace
دورة صيانة الكمبيوتر

Hardware, software and Network.
(45 Hours), ( 8 Weeks).
At the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify the components of standard desktop personal computers.
  • Identify fundamental components and functions of personal computer operating systems.
  • Identify best practices followed by professional personal computer technicians..
  • Install and configure computer components.
  • Install and configure system components.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot peripheral components.
  • Troubleshoot system components.
  • Install and configure operating systems..
  • Maintain and troubleshoot installations of Microsoft Windows.
  • Identify network technologies.
  • Install and manage network connections.
  • Support laptops and portable computing devices.
  • Support printers and scanners.
  • Identify personal computer security concepts.
  • Support personal computer security.

Adobe Training Courses

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Flash

Adobe Dreamweaver