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English Language Courses

General English

Classes in general English are held three times a week for (8 weeks ) in the morning, afternoons and evenings on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Each course follows a course book and covers spoken and written skills in English. Emphasis is placed on the development of communicative skills and conversation. Students may register on any day of the week and are given an assessment test to determine their level of English.


Polyglot offers you:

  • Year-round courses,
  • Daily registration and testing.
  • Beginner to advanced level classes.
  • Professional, experienced teachers.
  • The latest UK course books and videos.
  • Bright, spacious classrooms with TV and Computer.

Each course takes three months and covers the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Examinations are held at the end of every course and certificates are awarded.

Business English

Our intermediate courses in Business English are held during the evenings and are aimed at improving those skills which are required by the student in the world of business today.

Topics covered include: telephoning, making arrangements, meetings, presentations, social conversation, business trips abroad, negotiations, reporting on company progress etc.

Emphasis is placed on student interaction through roleplay and conversation, as well as on the study of authentic business video material from the UK. Writing skills such as report writing and business letter writing are also covered in the course.

Junior English

JUNIOR SUMMER COURSES for 6 - 15 years-old
Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. Now, more than ever, they need to develop their skills in English and computer in order to succeed in the future. Our summer program for children is aimed at developing those skills. The course is held in June, July and August and aims to encourage children to use their English in a meaningful, communicative way. We want English to be fun for kids. For this reason, we use only the latest textbooks and videos from the UK for teaching young learners. The children are assessed and placed in classes according to their level of English so that they will make maximum progress.

English Conversation

The English Conversation course will improve your social life and your career. Learning to speak English takes a bit of time and effort. A focused training program with focus on core skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing


Preparation for the TOEFL( Test Of English as a Foreign Language)
If you are planning to apply for entrance to a university either in the Emirates or in the USA or Canada, you will need to sit for the TOEFL in order to obtain a TOEFL score. This test measures your ability to understand spoken and written English, and each university sets its own score requirements. Our seven-week course covers both the language skills and the examination techniques required for the test. Since many students are already engaged in study or work, the course is taken three evenings a week for a period of two hours. NB: preparation for the IELTS test may be taken as a private course. IELTS is similar to the TOEFL and is often required for entry in to British and Australian universities.


Preparation for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
IELTS is similar to the TOEFL and is often required for entry in to British and Australian universities.

English Language Study in Britain

Courses for Adults and Children
For many years now, Polyglot has been sending students to England to study English. We deal only with high-quality, recognized schools where you can be sure of a warm welcome. All our schools are within easy reach of London and offer a range of courses with 3-5 hours of study per day. Accommodation is with carefully chosen English families and there is a full programme of sports and activities for you to enjoy. Courses are available all the year round and there are special summer courses for children. Full brochures and details are available on request.