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Arabic Language Courses

“Arabic is a beautiful language. It speaks volumes for the culture of the Arabs. We, the expatriates, are after all living in their country. A knowledge of Arabic gives a leeway, a chance to interact, understand and get closer to the culture of the land.” Lovelina Arulanantham (administration manager of a factory)
“Whatever be the reason, it is important for us to know Arabic,” feels Susan Breeze, assistant manager of the fitness center at the Hyatt Regency. She has learnt how to read, write and speak the language. A British national, Breeze admits that it was primarily a personal interest in the language. “I can converse with the Arabic- speaking hotel guests.”
For Eduardo Yambao, a Filipino, knowing Arabic is more or less a necessity in his field of work. He works as a horticulture engineer with the Dubai municipality. “Eighty percent of the personnel are Arabic-speaking so any interaction with my colleagues calls for knowledge of the language.” Kishore Joshi, a financial consultant, says, “Any fears that I had about the language were dispelled after the first class itself.”

To the uninformed it may seem that there is only a choice between learning an Arabic dialect or classical Arabic. Yet a particular dialect is often out of place in another region, whilst classical Arabic is largely an academic language and is not used in ordinary, everyday speech. What, then, is the answer? The answer is modern standard Arabic- a spoken and written lingua franca of the Arab world, which can be understood everywhere and which is the language of newspapers, business, television and universities.


Polyglot courses in Arabic are copyright and have been exclusively prepared by our course development center. They consist of vocabulary used throughout the Arab world, without the regional accents or the classical vowelled endings. These courses have been taught with great success worldwide to students requiring Arabic for business or pleasure, both to individual students and to company-sponsored groups.

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